Not. Arch. 1329/39v, Gemeente Archief Amsterdam, files of notary Hendrick Schaef

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The following notarial record by Hendrick Schaeff is a note of assignment, dated 17 Jun 1654, for George Probatski who enlisted with the Dutch West-Indische Compagnie (WIC) as an adelborst. The transportbrieven [notes of assignment] of soldiers who signed up in the service of the Amsterdam chamber of the WIC were usually recorded by notaries in the city. Many of these were dealt with by notary Hendrick Schaeff, who was also bookkeeper for the WIC and often held session at the West India Company House on recruitment days. This the second oldest document to date that we have found for George Probatski. What is notable about this document is that it contains his signature, and in it he states he is from Breslau, which at that time was part of Silesia. Following this document is a translation:


The following is a Dutch and English translation by Cor Snabel of the 1654 notary document, above, signed by George (Jurriaen) Probatski. Cor, who lives in the Netherlands, has been instrumental in translating documents for the Olive Tree Genealogy website as well as assisting me whenever I have had questions or translation needs in the past. I have been very impressed with his work and knowledge!

Dutch Version

Op huyden den 17e Juny Ao 1654 den
klock omme vier uure nae de noe compareerde
voor my Henrick Schaef notaris publiq by den
hove van hollandt admiteert ende de onders. getuygen
Jurius Probatski van Breslaue naer nieu nederlandt
varende voor adelborst opt schip de Peereboom
in dienst vande West Indische Compy alhier in
Amsterdam ende bekend voor hem ende
syne ------ ende deuchdelycke schuldich te
voelen aen Henrick Otte distelateur woonende op
Ulenburch misgaeder Paesenbroot oft Thoonder te delen de
somme van een hondert en dartig
Carolus guldens opt ende ter saecke
van [three words erased] verstreckte ende verschooten
pennings soo tot uytrusting of dese reys als ander
ten dencke ende genoegen genooten ende ontfangen
begeerde daerom dat hy de gemelte somme
van den rechten ende ontfangen sal ende sulcx
betalen worden uytte eerste ende gereeste gage
maeckt ende buyte die by hem te verdienen soo
op dese voorn als alle andere voyagie geene
dienste noch voyagie uytgesondert tot de volle
ende effectende betalinge toe. Hem over solcx
daerop adsignerende ende verwijzende ende die
ter voorn somme [five words erased]
[two words erased] toe als hem opdragende, cedeerende
ende transporteerde by desen. Doende daerom tot
sijne bekende volcomen affstant vandien
inde verbandt & remitteren van syn persoon
ende vordert goederen [word erased] gene uytgesondert
tot submissie van alle regte ende rechtens
mede oprecht gedaen te Amsterdam ter presentie
van Pieter Carstens & Johannes Henricxsen
clercken als getuygen hie tot versocht.

George Probatski H. Schaef N.P.
J. Henricxsen

English Version

On the 17 June 1654 at about four o'clock after noon appeared before me, Henrick Schaef, notary public, appointed by the Court of Holland, and before the later named witnesses, Jurius Probatski from Breslaue, sailing to New Netherland as a cadet/midshipman on the ship de Peereboom in the service of the West Indien Company here in Amsterdam, known to him and his office.

He acknowledges that he is rightfully indebted to Henrick Otten, distiller, living at Ulenburch or the bearer of this, who shared the sum of one hundred and thirty Carolus guldens, paid to him in advance, to equip himself. He promises to repay from his wages and bounty of this journey and all other services and journeys, none excluded, until he has repaid the full amount.

By this he agrees to assign, cede and transfer the forenamed sum. He does agree to submit all of his goods, none excepted, and releases all claims and rights thereof, in order to remit payment on their demand.

Done in Amsterdam in the presence of Pieter Carstens & Johannes Henricxsen, clerks invited here as witnesses.


The original document varies from the abstract found (listed below) by Harry Macy Jr. in that it does not list "for his outfit" as was listed in the abstract, but the money is advanced for him "to equip himself."

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 125, No. 4, Oct. 1994, p. 204
Juriaen Probasco arrived in New Netherland in 1654, having previously lived in the Dutch colony in Brazil. As he sometimes appears on record as Probatski (and similar spellings), it has been suspected that he might have been of Polish origin. Now his place of origin has been identified, using “Noord Amerika Chronologie,” the abstracts of Amsterdam notarial archives available on microfilm in the NYG&BS Library. On 17 June 1654, the files of notary Hendrick Schaef (Not. Arch. 1329/39v, Gemeente Archief Amsterdam) show that Jurrien Probatski, from Breslau, going to New Netherland as an adelborst on the ship “Peartree” in the service of the West India Company, owes 130 carolus guilders to Hendrick Otten, distiller, for his outfit, and will pay it back from his wages.
Breslau, in Silesia, was Polish until the 14th century and then came under Bohemian, Austrian, and eventually Prussian control. The population became German-speaking though Slavic names survived. In 1945 Breslau was transferred from Germany to Poland and is now known as Wroclaw.
-Harry Macy, Jr.

The following is the actual abstract found by Harry Macy Jr., which I have also personally viewed at the New York State Library in Albany, NY.

“Noord Amerika Chronologie,” Hart, Notarial Records, AFM200-I, 1598-1750 in the possession of the New Netherland Institute, Albany, NY.
G. A. A.
Not. Arch. 1329/39v.
Nots. H. Schaef.
1654, juni 17.
Jurrien Probatski, van Breslauw, als adelborst op het schip “de Peereboom” in dienst der W. I. C. naar Nieuw Nederland gaande, is aan Henrick Otten distilateur, 130 c. g. schuldig voor uitrusting.
Terug to betalen uit zijn gage.


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