Dated 18 October Anno 1664, New Style

by Nora J. Probasco

The following is a translation by Cor Snabel, The Netherlands.

In the name of the Lord Amen. In the year of the birth of the same Lord and savior Jesu Christi on the 18 October Anno 1664, New Style, at the watch hour of noon of the clock, appeared before me, Pelgrom Clocq notary public etc. and before the later named witnesses, the honorable Joriaen Probaski, known to me, lying sick in bed, but sound in memory and understanding and clear in mind, who declares that human life on earth is nothing but a shadow and transitory and nothing is certain but death and only the Lord knows how much time he has, so for this reason he comes to dispose of the temporary and worldly goods he leaves to his heirs.

And he declares that his decisions were made on his own without pressure or misleading from any other person, so he makes his testament and last will before his soul will be separated from his body into the hands of God Almighty, And his body is to have a Christian burial.

To dispose of his property movable and unmovable, nothing excepted, he testifies and nominates as his sole and universal heirs, Heyltgen Aerts and their two living children, Stoffel & Juriaen Juriaens, procreated by the forenamed Heyltje Aerts who is also his lawfully married wife, who will remain complete in possession and authority over the children and their goods, until the day of their respective majority or marriage. Recommending her as a good mother, to act rightly and responsibly, and in case of her remarriage after the testator's death, she will not be exclused from these responsibilities.

Item: the testator wishes his two children to have and enjoy all of his smith's tools, including the place where he performed his profession, including the shop and the grounds up to where the fallen tree lays. If it becomes clear that the testator's children do not wish to continue in his profession, then his wife may sell the goods for the profit of the children and also all of his goods left, behind, for the profit of her and the children. And any profit his wife may make by the sale of his goods, will also be for the profit of the children.

Also, that his two children will have and hold the land that the testator has bought from Pieter Lambertsz, for their use and possession.

All of which the forenamed deponent and testator makes as his final testament and last will, to be executed in full and completely after his death.

The full power of this as testament, codicil, donation & gifts, will be effective after his death. He hopes that after his death this will be executed in dignity and style, and hopes they will enjoy that which he leaves for them.

My notary here  ___ ___  one or more instruments ___

Thus done and passed at the dwelling house of the testator in the villiage of Breuckelyn in the presence of Carel de Beauvoir, schoolmaster, and Pieter Parmentier as witnesses and neighbors, hereunto requested and done on the day and date as above, and signed,

Juriaen Probaski
(hand mark)
Carel de Beauvoir
Pieter Parmentier
(hand mark)

This version was made out as a copy, and also has [yet] to be verified by his principals on the 20 November 1667, by me,
P. Clocq


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