Son of George Probatski, brother of Christoffel

Collection of Debt from East India Company (VOC)

Dated 14 August 1683, Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands

by Nora J. Probasco

The following is a copy of a notarial record where Jurrian Probatski, living in Vlissingen, was trying to collect 223 guilders from the Dutch East India Company (VOC), from money earned by Arnoldus Schanternel, from Brussels, when he sailed in 1679 with the ship 't Landt Schouw to the East-indies in the service of that Company. Arnoldus obviously owed Jurrian 200 guilders and there were some extra costs, which makes a total of 223 guilders.

The person who usually translates for me said this document is too hard for him to translate because it contains quite a bit of legal jargon. The above is a summary he gave me.

Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsarchief, Archief van de Notarissen ter Standplaats Amsterdam, 1517-1915. Archive 5075, folio 377-378 (Archive code: akte 9470 & akte 63390, bitput-ID 13.835.058.092.244 and 13.835.058.225.464)



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