How to Use the Affiliated Surname Index


by Nora J. Probasco


I have included an index to surnames affiliated with the Probasco Family as a tool for those researching their Probasco family to identify who I have information on. Once you identify your ancestor(s), please email me for further information. Please include the name and ID number (last column) so I can identify them in my database. We can exchange information. Note: For names that begin with Van such as Van Dyke, check under the letter of the second word, such as D for Van Dyke. For names such as O'Hara, check under H.

If you do not find your Probasco affiliated ancestor and would like to register him or her in my Probasco Database, please email me the ancestor's name(s) and genealogy information. I will enter it into my database and when others, in the future, inquire about that particular ancestor, I can direct them to you for information sharing.

Please send to me.

Affiliated Surname Index 

Aa-Ander * Andre-Ay

Ba * Be * Bi-Bra * Bre-Bro * Bru-By

Ca-Ch * Ci-Cop * Cor-Coz * Cra-Cy

Da-Dev * Dew-Doy * Dr-Dy

E * Fa-Fl * Fo-Fy * Ga-Go * Gr-Gy

Ha-Haq * Har-Hel * Hem-Hoa * Hob-Hop

Hor-Hui * Hul-Hy

I * J * Ka-Kin * Kip-Ky

La * Le-Lin * Lip-Ly

Ma * Mc * Me-Mi * Mo-My

N * O

Pa-Per * Pet-Pos * Pot-Py

Qu-Ree * Ref-Ric * Rid-Ry

Sa-Sci * Sco-Sha * She-Sk * Sl-Sn

So-Sti * Sto-Sty * Su-Sz

Ta-Tos * Tot-U

Va-Vl * Vo-Vr

Wa-Wei * Wel-Wig * Wil-Wiz * Wo

Wr-Wy * X-Z

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