Contributed by Bruce Pine.

Charles B. Probasco was born February 18, 1881 at Manalapan, New Jersey and was a farmer all of his life. He owned and operated about 550 acres and farmed other lands under lease near Hightstown, New Jersey. At one time, he was the largest potato grower in the State of New Jersey. He was one of two, and the first in New Jersey to be awarded the "Certificate of Master Farmer" by the Pennsylvanian, a newpaper published at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as the result of a farmer's poll conducted by the newspaper.

He was a member of the East Windsor Township Committee from 1921 to 1931; the Board of Education of said township from 1916 to 1926; a member and president of the County Board of Agriculture, and an active member and for three years Master of Pomona Grange. He died on July 16, 1958 at Princeton, New Jersey.



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