Garret Probasco was baptized at the New Brunswick First Reformed Church in Middlesex County, New Jersey on September 12, 1744 to Christophel and Sara (Ammerman) Probasco. He first married on 24 Apr 1765 Maaike Groenendyk and had two children, Christopher Probasco born 1768 and Rebecca Probasco born 1770. His wife joined the Dutch Reformed Church at Readington, New Jersey in 1784, and Garret and his daughter, Rebecca, joined in 1785. Their son, Christopher, joined in 1788. Around 1788 Maaike Probasco died, and Garret remarried November 21, 1790 to Sarah (Lane) Smock. No children were born of this marriage.

Garret was active in the community and the church. He witnessed several wills and documents as well as preparing inventories. In 1784 he acted as security for Abram Bertron for a license to keep Publick Inns for that year. He also served as a juror in court proceedings. He took his civic duty seriously.

At the time of the Revolutionary War, Garret was living in Somerset County, New Jersey. The county of Somerset’s proximity to the American Army at this time often placed special demands on its citizens. There was a need for wheat to supply bread for the soldiers. During the Somerset County Wheat Levy of 1779, Garret supplied 60 bushels to Banker’s mill rendering service to the war.

He also served in the Revolutionary War in the Somerset County New Jersey Militia, as a private, from June 1777 until 1782. He served under Cap. Van Ness and Col. Van Dyke, and was at the Battle of Monmouth on June 28, 1778. He additionally served under Capt. Moore of Princeton and Capt. Lott as stated in his pension application.

Garret received a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War commencing on March 4, 1831.

Garret made his will in 1829, and died 13 May 1836 in Readington, New Jersey. In his will he name his second wife, Rebecca (Probasco) Van Middlesworth, and his grandchildren. His son, Christopher, had preceded him in death.




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