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 by Nora J. Probasco

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(Henry Probasco* Madison, IN. 1873. Image located at the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, OH)

..."Riding with Custer" by J. H. Kidd

From Gwen Fuller Archives

- Probasco-Morrison-Silver House, 130 McCullum Street, Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana. Built in 1868, this home is a superb example of second empire styling and was built for Richard Probasco, who owned a large dry goods store on Main Street. The second owner was John I. Morrison, prominent Indiana educator, who was a delegate to the Indiana Constitutional Convention, State Treasurer and is credited with creating the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction. French mansard style.

Richard Probasco, b. 1824, was the brother of Henry Probasco whose house follows.

- Oakwood, West Cliff Lane, Clifton, OH, home of Henry Probasco. Considered the finest Norman Revival home in the Midwest. For a more detailed description.

The home of Henry Probasco, Oakwood on West Cliff Lane, Clifton, is a tourist attraction in Cincinnati. Businessman Henry Probasco, the merchant prince of Cincinnati, made his fortune in the hardware trade. He gave the city of Cincinnati a fountain, made by the highly regarded Royal Bavarian Foundries of Ferdinand von Miller in Munich, Germany, in honor of his deceased business partner and brother-in-law, Tyler Davidson, which now stands on Fountain Square, the city's center square. This square was originally called Probasco Square. The fountain was dedicated on October 6, 1871 and had cost Henry Probasco $110,000, though the original estimate had been $30,000. The city of Cincinnati had incurred an additional $50,000 expense in preparing the square for the fountain.

Tyler Davidson Fountain, also known as the Probasco Fountain

In later years, the fountain had begun to deteriorate but the town of Cincinnati, in the last few years, restored the fountain as seen below:

Henry Probasco also donated a fountain to the city of Clifton which is smaller in stature.

- Hellebush-Probasco House, 120 E. Fountain Avenue, Glendale, OH, built 1875.

(2006 © Village of Glendale, Ohio located at

- Probasco--Dittmar Farmstead, 61 Bucks Mill Rd., Colts Neck, New Jersey. National Register of Historic Places.

- There is Probasco Farms in Wrightstown, Burlington County, New Jersey.

...Alan Wildblood

- In New Brunswick, New Jersey there is a site called Probasco's Mill, the remains of which can still be seen where its stream flows into the Raritan River. Across from this site Alexander Hamilton fought off the British at Raritan Landing.

Contributed by a "History Buff" in New Brunswick, New Jersey

- Probasco Flying Service in Floydada, TX.

- Probasco Karts in Shallowater, Texas.

- Probasco's Christian Bookstore and Wig Shop, 344 N Lincoln Ave, Loveland, CO 80537 Opened in 1968 by Paul and Freida Probasco as a clothing store, which was phased out in 1972 when they began a Christian bookstore and wig store. Most of their wig customers had lost their hair to cancer.

New Jersey

- Probasco Landing - Listed as a village of 50 people in 1940, the landing is depicted by only a wharf in 1877. It was named for the Probasco family of New Jersey who owned land around the area in the years 1867-1892, after which time they moved to Kansas. A cannery and steamboat wharf supplied commerce.It is located on Skipton Creek two miles north of Longwoods. (The family was Richard L. W. Probasco and Emma Challis.) From Pot Pie to Hell & Damnation by Laurence G. Clagget, p. 15.


- There is a Probasco Drive in Tucson, Arizona. It is interesting to note the U. S. Boarder Patrol offices in Tucson are located on Probasco. ...Gene Probasco. Per Betty Hemm her uncle, Ottie Roy Probasco who was in Tucson by the 1930 Federal Census, owned a bar in Tucson and named his street Probasco. Now we know where the name came from.


- Probasco Street in La Fayette, Georgia


- Probasco Street in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana.


- In Talbot County, Maryland (on the Eastern Shore) and just down the road off of Route 50 is a road called Probasco Landing along Skipton Creek. ...Joan Spiker


- In Muskegon, Kent County, Michigan there is a Probasco Street named for Probascos who were early settlers of this area. ...Kathi Rider

New Jersey

- Probasco Drive, Allentown, New Jersey.

- Probasco Road, East Windsor, New Jersey. ...Alan Wildblood

- In Hightstown, Mercer County, New Jersey there is a Probasco Road, which goes north from NJ Route 33 east of Hightstown and west of the NJ Turnpike.


- There is a Probasco Way in Sparks, Nevada named for George Anson Probasco.


- In Cincinnati, Ohio there is a Probasco Street and Probasco Court which were named after Henry Probasco, the merchant prince who made his fortune in the hardware trade.


- There is a Probasco Lane in Hampton, Virginia. The lane was built in 1997 when I constructed my house. The builder allowed me to name the street, so I chose Probasco Lane. ...Brian (Probasco) Maryfield

Apparently a Hannah Probasco crossed paths with this cartoonist and writer in a not too positive way.

New-York Daily Tribune, NY, NY, published Saturday, Dec. 18, 1875, Triple Sheet, p. 7



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