Probasco Families in America 

by Nora J. Probasco 


In the late 90's I launched the Probasco Families in America website. My intention at that time was to bring together researchers who were researching Probasco and affiliated families on the Internet. Also, in researching my own Probasco line I had run into a "brick wall" with my ggg-grandfather, Elisha Probasco. Being stubborn and unwilling to give up, I decided to gather what information I could and start a database listing all Probasco and affiliated families from the immigrant ancestor, Jurriaen Probatski. In that way I could continue my research in both directions.

Initially I started with a Probasco database where I compiled names and data from several different sources: Alice Kennedy's "Probasco Genealogy", Tunis Bergen's "Early Settlers of Kings County...", and many others. I knew some of these sources were flawed, but they were the only available sources I had access to. I continued to uncover various sources (ie. published genealogies, information from researchers who contacted me, and public databases (IGI, World Connect, etc.) to compile the most informative and complete database I could. I then researched primary and secondary records (including censuses) to verify or disprove the information I had. What developed was a comprehensive collection of available data on Probasco families. I cited sources for all entries so anyone I shared information with would be able to see the source I used and determine their comfort level with the information provided. I also attached a researcher's email address to their particular family so in the event another researcher contacted me researching the same family I could put the two researchers together.

Thus, the Probasco Families in America website was born. I love to do research and wanted a "vehicle" to share what information I had. As I conducted my research, I have tried to add the information to my website. It has grown from a few pages to be a rather large site. I have collected a comprehensive amount of data (including census records, Probascos in the military, migration, etc.) I have been going through all of the censuses records (even those that had already been done by others) to try to capture every census I can on Probasco's, including 1790 through 1930 and many state censuses. I have visited many different libraries including the LDS library in Salt Lake City. I have researched through many books, microfilms, newspapers, etc. I still have considerable research to do. However, what I have completed has been added to the family records I keep for each family in my Probasco database.

Ultimately, I have decided to publish a Probasco Family book so I can share my vast Probasco family information with all who want it. So in addition to continuous research on the Probasco family and maintaining my Probasco Families in America website, I am currently in the process of cleaning up my database for the book. If you are interested in obtaining the book when I am complete, please message me and let me know. I am compiling a list now.

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