Contributed by Peter R. Probasco.

John T. Probasco was the first son of Charles Probasco of Hightstown, New Jersey. He was born on March 1, 1916. He married Mary Jane Hall in 1934. He farmed with his father for awhile before buying a farm in Chesterfield, New Jersey in 1942. There he farmed potatoes, grain and turkeys. John and Jane had six children- Conny, Janice, Gail, Susan, Chris and Peter. John attended Rutgers University for one year and studied agriculture. He was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and loved reading about history.

After retiring he spend half the year in Summerland Key, Florida at Venture Out and half the year at the farm in New Jersey. His hobbies included bridge, tennis, and horseshoes. He liked to write poems in his retirement years and wrote this about a Probasco reunion he hosted at the farm:

We have never had a President
Of the good old USA
But we've had a lot of solid folks
From 1650 up to today
Down through the years we mostly farmed
With no help from the government
And kept so busy with our lives
We wondered where the time went
So in the future keep in touch
With your cousins near and far
For you'll never find a better crowd
No matter where you are.

John Probasco died of heart failure March 25, 1997 in Miami, Florida.



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