Contributed by Bruce Pine.

William Vanderveer Probasco was a farmer and for a number of years operated the farm of his grandfather, William G. Hendrickson. He later owned and operated the Ridgeway Farm of 200 acres adjoining the Hendrickson farm at Cream Ridge, New Jersey. He later bought and, with his son, operated the Cox Farm of about 135 acres near Cream Ridge, New Jersey.

He, for many years, bred and raised pure blood registered Ayrshire cattle and exhibited same at numerous fairs and received numerous cups and blue ribbons in recognition of the quality of his cattle. He was a member of the Ayrshire Breeders Association of New Jersey and served as its President for two years about 1915 and 1916. He has been a member of the National Ayrshire Breeders Association since 1906, and was a Director for over twelve years.

He was a member of the Upper Freehold Township Board of Education for twenty-seven years and was an Elder of the Cream Ridge Presbyterian Church.



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