Dated 30 July 1643, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

by Nora J. Probasco

Jurriaen (George) Probatski was interviewed by the Master Blacksmith at Recife about why he was not making hinges and locks.

He was asked if he at some time by anyone of the Lords of the High Council was told to leave the [making of] undercarriages [for cannons] to make hinges and locks instead.

His answer was that he was never ordered to leave the undercarriages and [he] makes no locks.

He was also asked if he was ever ordered by the factory manager to do the same.

His answer was no.

It was dated 30 July 1643 and signed by George Probatchi, though this document is a copy dated 21 August 1643 by R. Groenesteyn, which he says agrees with the original.

The following is a translation by Cor Snabel, The Netherlands

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